Wetland Mitigation

Through its affiliate, Mitigation Solutions, Ltd., the company offers to the public various wetland mitigation alternatives to satisfy the requirements of most wetland impact permits issued by the St. Johns River Water Management District and the United States Army Corps of Engineers in northeast Florida.  Mitigation Solutions, Ltd. owns and operates the Northeast Florida Wetland Mitigation Bank, the first totally private mitigation bank established in Florida.  Our experience enables us to understand the economics of a project’s ecology and proposed wetland permitting and how the overall financial viability of the project will be impacted.

Commercial Brokerage

Allen Land Group, Inc. is a licensed real estate broker with a “hands on” approach to brokering a property so that potential development concerns to a buyer are resolved early, rather than becoming a later obstacle to closing the sale.  If a landowner “doesn’t quite know what they have to sell” we will guide a seller on market and land development issues.  Our advice to a client, which will serve to position the land in the optimal market, is based on extensive financial analysis of various alternatives applicable to a client’s objectives and the property’s attributes.

Land Development

Allen Land Group, Inc. is a real estate investment company with special expertise in acquiring raw land for investment through its affiliates.  We rely on a team of outstanding consultants who interact with us and each other in areas of wetland permitting, traffic management, civil engineering and local government matters such as zoning and land use, concurrency and impact fees.

When acquiring land, we work closely with the seller to structure a transaction that will provide maximum benefits to the seller, given their own financial and tax requirements, including Section 1031 exchanges.

All inquiries are confidential and brokers are protected.